Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design

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著 者:Steve Cripps
出 版:Artech   /   2002年



RF Power Amplifier Modes-Conventional Reduced Angle Modes, Class A, AB, B, C. Linearity and Efficiency Variation with Power Backoff. FETs and Bipolars: Differences in Reduced Conduction Angle Operation. Interaction between Device Transfer Characteristics and Class AB Non-linearity. Tailoring of Device Characteristics for Optimum Class AB Linearity and Efficiency; the RF bipolar as a potential solution. RF PA design using Bipolar Transistors.

Doherty and Chireix: Themes and Variations-Basic Doherty PA Analysis. Implementation Schemes for Basic Doherty PA. The Assymetric Doherty PA for High Crest Factor Signals. The Multiway Doherty Combiner. Linearity Issues. CAD Simulation Results. Chireix Outphasing PA-a LINC Technique. Chireix-Envelope Reconstruction Possibility. Analysis, CAD Simulation and Issues for Practical Implementation. Variations.

Topics in PA Nonlinearity-The Impact of High Density Bandlimited Communications Signals on PA Design and Specification. Peak to Average Ratio: PEP Design Issues. Behavioral Modelling of PaAs,AM-AM and AM-PM Distortion. Volterra Series Model, IM Nulling Effects in Higher Order Models. Extraction of Volterra Series Model from Measured Data. Dynamic Effects in PA Nonlinearities: Extension to Conventional Envelope Simulation Formulations. Assymetrical IM Sidebands: Causes, Models and Cures.

Envelope Feedback-The AM Envelope Feedback Method. Analysis and Simulation. Limitations of RF and Video Delays. Vector Envelope Feedback. Low Latency PA Design.

Predistortion-Introduction to Predistortion. Predistortion Theory: Synthesis of Ideal Predistorter using Inversion of PA Polynomial. Analog Predistorters; Gain Expanders; IM and ACP Analysis for Multicarrier Signals. CAD Analysis of Predistorters Having Synthesized Characteristics. Predistorter Realization: Compound Analog Predistorter Design; DSP Implementation of Synthesized PD Response; DSP Lookup Table; Compound Analog PD with External DSP Adaptation. Advantages and Disadvantages of these Different Approaches.

Feedforward-Introduction to the Feedforward Configuration. Analysis of the Feedforward Loop using Behavioral PA Model. Error PA Power Capability. Gain and Phase Tracking: Differences in Goals Between First and Second Loops. Benefits and Hazards of External Video Adaptation. Use of Predistortion in Feedforward Loop.

Microwave Power Amplifier Design-The Move from RF to Microwave Frequencies. Materials, Hybrids, MMICs. Chip-and-Wire Design Issues. The Lange Coupler: Balanced Amplifier Design. Thermal Issues in Microwave Power Hybrids. Matching Big Chips: Where Has the Gain Gone. Microwave Power Combiners.


Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design