RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications

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著 者:Hector J.De Los Santos
出 版:Artech   /   2002年

本書は、高性能ワイヤレスシステムで使用されるRF MEMS(RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical System)回路設計の全般を解説した先駆的な書籍です。本書により、RF MEMS 技術について理解が深まり、RF MEMS装置の性能レベルについて幅広い知識も得ることができます。より高性能レベルを追求するために、ワイヤレスシステムのアーキテクチャについても詳しく説明されています。 RF MEMSを基本とする多様な回路設計に応用できる知識を確立することができます。


Wireless Systems - A Circuits Perspective- Introduction. Spheres of wireless activity -Technical issues. Wireless standards, systems, and architectures. Power and bandwidth-efficient wireless systems -Challenges. MEMS-based wireless appliances enable ubiquitous connectivity. Summary. References.

Elements of RF Circuit Design - Introduction. Physical Aspects of RF Circuit Design: Skin Effect. Microstrip lines on thin substrates. Self-resonance frequency. Quality factor. Moding (Packaging).

Practical Aspects of RF Circuit Design: DC biasing. Impedance mismatch. Exercises. Summary. References.

RF MEMS-Enabled Circuit Elements and Models - Introduction. RF/Microwave substrate properties. Micromachined-Enhanced Elements: Capacitors. Inductors. Varactors. Switches. Resonators. MEMS modeling. Summary. References.

Novel RF MEMS-Enabled Circuits - Introduction. Reconfigurable Circuit Elements. Reconfigurable Circuits. Reconfigurable Antennas. Exercises. Summary. References.

RF MEMS-Based Circuit Design - Case Studies. Introduction. Filters. Phase Shifters. Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs). Summary. References.

Appendix A - Driving High-Voltage MEMS Devices - Charge Pumps

Appendix B - MEMS in Phase-Locked Loops

Appendix C - GSM: Radio Transmission and Reception Specifications.

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