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Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide

¥ 18,700
著 者:Trevor Manning
出 版:Artech   /   1999年


Introduction. Microwave Radio. Applications.
LINK PLANNING. Initial Planning. Path Profiles. Radio Repeaters. Radio Surveys. Frequency Considerations.
RELIABILITY STANDARDS. Unavailability Standards. Performance Standards.
RADIO EQUIPMENT CHARACTERISTICS. Configurations. Primary Multiplex. Secondary Multiplexing and Services. Overhead Channels. Modem. Transceivers. Branching. Power Details. Environmental Considerations.
MICROWAVE PROPAGATION. Atmospheric Effects on Propagation. Free Space Propagation. Power Budget. Fading on Microwave Links. ANTENNA CONSIDERATIONS. Electromagnetic Theory Fundamentals. Antenna Characteristics. Types of Microwave Antennas. Feeder Characteristics.
FREQUENCY PLANNING. Interference. Frequency Re-Use. Intermodulation Products.
LINK DESIGN. Multipath Fading Mechanism. Multipath Fading Outages. Rain Fading Outage. Total Outage. Countermeasures. Reflection Analysis. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH). Synchronous Networks (SDH/SONET).