Silicon-Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

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著 者:John D.Cressler/Guofu Niu
出 版:Artech   /   2002年

本書は、シリコンゲルマニウムヘテロ接合バイポーラトランジスタ(SiGe HBT)の取り扱いに関する最新情報が記載された参考書籍です。

SiGe HBTは、低価格ながら高速、高集積化に適した最新半導体技術で、通信産業に大きな変革をもたらすと期待されています。 本書は、SiGe HBTデバイスとその設計技術に関して広い視野から書かれており、基礎的な知識が習得できます。

書籍内容としては、シリコンゲルマニウムに関する材料・組み立て・デバイス物理・動作原理・回路レベルのプロパティなどについて記載されています。 400の数式と300以上の図表が満載され、SiGe HBTの設計・シミュレーション・組み立て・測定方法について実践的に説明されていますので、最適化の問題、SiGe HBTのトレードオフやこの技術を応用したRF/マイクロ波回路の設計に役立ちます。


Introduction - The Magic of Silicon. Integrated Circuit Needs for the 21st Century.

Application-Induced Design Constraints. The Dream: Bandgap Engineering in Silicon. The SiGe HBT. A Brief History of SiGe Technology. SiGe HBT Performance Trends. The IC Technology Battleground: Si vs SiGe vs III-V.

SiGe Strained-Layer Epitaxy - SiGe Alloys. SiGe Growth. Stability Constraints. Band Structure. Transport Parameters. Open Issues.

SiGe HBT BiCMOS Technology - Integration Issues. SiGe HBT Structural Evolution. Profile Control and Design Tradeoffs. Carbon Doping of SiGe HBTs. Reliability Issues. CMOS Integration. Passives. The Bottom Line.

Static Characteristics - Intuitive Picture. Output Conductance. Equivalent Circuit Models. Avalanche Multiplication. Breakdown Voltages.

Dynamic Characteristics -Intuitive Picture. Charge Modulation Effects. Basic RF Performance Factors. Linear Two-Port Parameters. Stability, MAG, MSG, and Mason U. Base and Emitter Transit Times. ECL Gate Delay.

Second Order Phenomena - Ge Grading Effects. Neutral Base Recombination. Heterojunction Barrier Effects.

Noise - Fundamental Noise Characteristics. Linear Noisy Two-port Network Theory. Analytical Modeling. Optimal Sizing and Biasing for LNA Design. SiGe Profile Design Tradeoffs. Low-Frequency Noise. Substrate and Cross-Talk Noise.

Linearity - Nonlinearity Concepts. Physical Nonlinearities. Volterra Series. Single HBT Amplifier Linearity. Cascode LNA Linearity.

Temperature Effects - The Impact of Temperature on Bipolar Transistors. Cryogenic Operation of SiGe HBTs. Optimization of SiGe HBTs for 77 K. Helium Temperature Operation. Non-Equilibrium Base Transport. High-Temperature Operation.

Other Device Design Issues -Design of p-n-p SiGe HBTs. Arbitrary Band Alignments. Ge-Induced Collector-Base Field Effects.

Radiation Tolerance - Radiation Concepts and Damage Mechanisms. The Effects of Radiation on SiGe HBTs. Technology Scaling Issues. Circuit-level Tolerance. Single Event Upset.

Device Simulation - Semiconductor Equations. Application Issues. Probing Internal Device Operation.

Future Directions - Technology Trends. Performance Limits.

Properties of Silicon and Germanium.