RFID Handbook : Fundamentals and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards and Identification, 2nd Edition

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著 者:Klaus Finkenzeller
出 版:Wiley   /   2003年

本書は、 RFIDの業界標準とその応用についての最新情報を記載した改訂版で、 RFID技術に携わる方々には標準的なリファレンスを提供しています。どのように RFIDシステムが動作するか、またスマートラベルといった新しいタグの開発に関する最新情報が紹介されています。

  • 電子データ転送アーキテクチャや衝突防止アルゴリズムをカバー
  • スマートラベル・電子商取引・電子発券業務・ドキュメントトラッキングなどの最新 RFID アプリケーション
  • ISO 国際標準規格と規制に関する最新情報を巻末付録に掲載


List of Abbreviations.

  1. Introduction.
    Automatic Identification Systems.
    A Comparison of Different ID Systems.
    Components of an RFID Systems.
  2. Differentiation Features of RFID Systems.
    Fundamental Differentiation Features.
    Transponder Construction Formats.
    Frequency, Range and Coupling.
    Information Processing in the Transponder.
    Selection Criteria for RFID Systems.
  3. Fundamental Operating Principles.
    1-Bit Transponder.
    Full and Half Duplex Procedure.
    Sequential Procedures.
  4. Physical Principles of RFID Systems.
    Magnetic Field.
    Electromagnetic Waves.
    Surface Waves.
  5. Frequency Ranges and Radio Licensing Regulations.
    Frequency Ranges Used.
    European Licensing Regulations.
    National Licensing Regulations in Europe.
    National Licensing Regulations.
  6. Coding and Modulation.
    Coding in the Baseband.
    Digital Modulation Procedures.
  7. Data Integrity.
    The Checksum Procedure.
    Multi-Access Procedures ? Anticollision.
  8. Data Security.
    Mutual Symmetrical Authentication.
    Authentication Using Derived Keys.
    Encrypted Data Transfer.
  9. Standardisation.
    Animal Identification.
    Contactless Smart Cards.
    ISO 69873 - Data Carriers for Tools and Clamping Devices.
    IS0 10374 - Container Identification.
    VDI 4470 - Anti-theft Systems for Goods.
    Item Management.
  10. The Architecture of Electronic Data Carriers.
    Transponder with Memory Function.
    Memory Technology.
    Measuring Physical Variables.
  11. Readers.
    Data Flow in an Application.
    Components of a Reader.
    Low Cost Configuration ? Reader IC U2270B.
    Connection of Antennas for Inductive Systems.
    Reader Designs.
  12. The Manufacture of Transponders and Contactless Smart Cards.
    Glass and Plastic Transponders.
    Contactless Smart Cards.
  13. Example Applications.
    Contactless Smart Cards.
    Public Transport.
    Access Control.
    Transport Systems.
    Animal Identification.
    Electronic Immobilisation.
    Container Identification.
    Sporting Events.
    Industrial Automation.
    Medical Applications.
  14. Appendix.
    Contact Addresses, Associations and Technical Periodicals.
    Relevant Standards and Regulations.
    Printed Circuit Board Layouts.
  15. Index.
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RFID Handbook : Fundamentals and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards and Identification, 2nd Edition