RF Gun

The RF Gun uses microwave energy to produce and accelerate electrons in a high electric field.

AET has researched and developed various RF Guns such as a RF Gun with a thermionic cathode, a triode type RF Gun and a Micro Miniature RF Electron Gun using a coaxial resonator.

The triode RF Gun is an epoch-making product which is able to eliminate the back bombardment phenomenon, reduces emittance of the electron beam, and enables control of pulse width simultaneously.

The novel Micro Miniature RF Gun with a diameter of 5mm can be used as an electron or X-ray source for industrial and medical applications.

π⁄ 2 Mode Side Coupled RF Gun

StructureSide coupled standing wave type
Acceleration Frequency2,856MHz(@30°C - 45°C)
RF Couplingβ=3.0±0.5
Shunt Impedance90MΩ⁄m
Beam Energy2MeV
Beam Current500mA

π⁄2 Mode On-Axis Coupled RF Gun

StructureOn-axis coupled standing wave type
Acceleration Frequency2,856MHz(@30°C - 45°C)
RF Couplingβ=2.5±0.5
Shunt Impedance60MΩ⁄m
Beam Energy2MeV
Beam Current1A

Multi-feed Multi-cavity RF Gun

StructureMulti-feed multi-cavity type
Acceleration Frequency2,856MHz(@30°C - 45°C)
RF Couplingβ=2.0 - 4.0
Shunt Impedance55MΩ⁄m
Beam Energy3MeV
Beam Current500mA

λ/4 Coaxial Resonator Type RF Gun

Micro-Miniature RF Gun

Structureλ/4 Coaxial Resonator
Cathode Diameter1mm
Cathode MaterialCNT

RF Guns

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