LF Active Antenna


(Directional / Nondirectional
Switchable Type)
  • Measure near magnetic field of power electronics, e.g. car, medical equipment, and robot by three axes ferrite coil antennas.
  • Measure the direction of magnetic flux using front-end circuit at each of three axes.
  • Standard calibration data provided: A2LS Accredited Calibration available (optional).
  • Combining with spectrum analyzer N9382 allows off-site measurement, e.g. car, industrial robot, AM radio, radio clock.
SizeRadome size Φ67 mm × 90 mm, Grip size Φ38 mm × 130 mm
DirectivityEach axis and composition of X, Y, and Z
Frequency9kHz - 3MHz
Impedance50 ohms
VSWR1.2 or less
Minimum reception field80dB μV/m(9kHz)
Calibration dataStandard accessory (Accredited Calibration Certification is optional.)
Output TerminalBNC(Jack)
Power Supply VoltageDC17V - 22V, 55mA
Operating temperature range From -20°C to +50°C (condensation free environment)
WeightApprox. 200g

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