Measurement Solutions for high-speed signals

Measurement Solutions for DDR4 high-speed signals

High-accuracy positioning using a double-sided PCB Probe Station easily realizes high-speed (e.g. DDR4) signal probing.
Nowadays most users observe a waveform of a high-speed digital board using a hand-held type or soldering probe with an oscilloscope. AET's distinctive and unique system can provide high-accuracy probing on both sides of a component mounted board simultaneously.
Therefore, waveform observation can become stable in a shorter time.
  • The bandwidth-enhanced N7001A InfiniiMax III+ Series 13GHz Probe Amplifier and the N5445A InfiniiMax III browser head from Keysight Technologies can be mounted on a probe station.
    For high-speed signal measurement, we recommend the Infiniium 90000A Series Oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of 12 GHz or more and V Series 13 GHz.
    CCD camera can zoom in a measurement point. This contributes to high-accuracy positioning, and consequently reliable and steady probing.
    Additionally, its probe head housing can be customized. (Model number of a probe head needs to be specified.)
  • High frequency transmission characteristics of high-speed transmission line laid out on a PCB or a flexible board (e.g. return-loss S11 and insertion-loss S21) can be measured using RF Microwave Probes from Cascade Microtech, Inc.
    with ENA Series Network Analyzers and PNA Family from Keysight. For further information, please contact us.

Active Differential Probe and Probe Amplifier (Keysight Technologies, Inc.)

High precision measurement at high frequencies has been limited because general oscilloscope probes are usually handheld. By assembling the 13GHz Active Differential Probe (Keysight) to the Micropositioner, a handsfree active differential probe measurement system was created. Circuit boards equipped with DSPs and CPUs can be easily measured with high stability.


■ The bandwidth-enhanced N7001A InfiniiMax III+ Series 13 GHz Probe Amplifier
The N5445A InfiniiMax III browser head (30 GHz) can be mounted on AET’s probe station.
This is the best choice for general-purpose trouble shooting of differential signals with z-axis compliance and variable spacing from 0.5 mm to 3.1 mm.
The span between the signal tips is easily adjusted with a thumb wheel on the browser.

Keysight Technologies
※AET, Inc. is a Solution Partner in Japan of Keysight Technologies, Inc.