Micro Positioner

The Micropositioner provides high precision positionings on straight motions of X,Y and Z axes and rotational motion of theta axis. Each axis of X, Y, Z and theta has a micrometer that can be fine-adjusted. A parallel positioning of a probe is performed roughly by rotating the theta axis stage, and is adjusted finely by controlling a micro adjustment. The theta axis provides ±3 degrees of rotational motion. This Micropositioner can be utilized under the severe measurement condition which does not allow even the slightest gap between the probe and a sample to be measured.

Two types of Micropositioner are available to support air coplanar and multi-needle probes.


  • High precision positioning in X-Y-Z-θ axes
  • Equipped with an adjustment mechanism in the θ-axis, 360° for coarse adjustment and ±3° for fine adjustment.
  • Micrometer adjustment mechanism for the four axes ( X-Y-Z-θ ) so that each axis can be finely adjusted by 0.5mm per rotation.
  • Movement amount of ±6.5mm and resolution of 10μm for axes X,Y, and Z.
  • Powerful ON⁄OFF magnet lever ensures that the Micropositioner and Positioner Table are fixed securely. The system is also easily demountable.
  • The probe fixture can be easily attached and detached and can be custom-made to be equipped with various probe types.
  • Recommended for use in DC circuit measurements and high frequency circuit measurements
  • Can also be used in physics and chemistry experiments as a manipulator by changing the tip.


θ AxisΟ
θ Axis Angle of RotationCoarse Movement360º
Fine Movement±3º
X ⁄ Y ⁄ Z Axis Maximum Movement Distance±6.5mm±6.5mm
X ⁄ Y ⁄ Z Axis One Rotation Movement0.5mm0.5mm
X ⁄ Y ⁄ Z Axis Resolution10μm10μm
Strong Magnetic
ON⁄OFF Lever
Enclosure Material, Surface TreatmentBlack anodized aluminumBlack anodized aluminum
Model AP-1023
Model AP-1023( Front View )
Model AP-1033
Model AP-1033( Front View )

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