Probe Station System

The Probe Station developed by AET, Inc. has a probing stage and a micro positioner that can be adjusted on the X-Y-Z-theta directions, and can probe samples of various shapes and sizes.

System Configuration

The components of the Probe Station System can be customized according to the user's specifications. Special discounted prices can be available if an Agilent network analyzer and Probe Station are purchased as a system.

Standard Configuration
Probe Station
Vacuum Pen and Vacuum Pump
Network Analyzer ( Agilent Technologies,Inc )
RF lZl Probe ( Cascade Microtech,Inc )
Active Differential Probe and Probe Amplifier ( Agilent Technologies,Inc )
4-terminal DC Measurement Needle ( Tungsten needle )
Vibration Isolation Table/Desk


Model: AGPS501-002

FrequencyDepending on specifications of probes.

[Probing Stage]

Measurement Table Movement (Coarse Adjustment)
X: Fixed Y: 125mm (Sliding type) Z: Up and down type
Movement (Fine Adjustment)
Z: ±6.5mm (10μm Scale interval) θ : ±5°
Measurement Table Size: Max 255mm × 100mm
Measurement Sample Size: Up to 190mm × 100mm


Positioner (Fine adjustment) Movement direction
X: ±6.5mm Y: ±6.5mm Z: ±6.5mm (10μm scale intervals) θ : ±3 degrees
Positioner Table Movement direction
X: 105mm Y: 52.5mm (2.5mm per ratchet step) Z: fixed


Probe Type Air coplanar, semi-rigid or differential active probe

[Stereo Microscope]

Olympus Model SZ61 or equivalents Magnification: 0.67 - 4.5X
Zoom Ratio: 6.7
Operation Range: 110mm
Lens: WHSZ10 x-H

[Main Unit]

Size and Weight 600mm(W) × 400mm(D) × 550mm(H), 27kg

[Vacuum Pen and Vacuum Pump]

Vacuum PenPad Diameter: Φ6mm
Suction Strength: 94g (max)
Vacuum PumpUltimate Vacuum: -33.3kPa { -250mmHg }
Discharge Rate: 5 l⁄min
Rated Voltage: AC100V (50⁄60Hz)
Power Consumption: 15⁄14W
Current: 0.35⁄0.3A
Rated Time: Continuous

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pen


Network Analyzer (Keysight Technologies)

All network analyzers manufactured by Keysight Technologies can be used for the probe station system.

Keysight Technologies
AET, Inc. is a Solution Partner in Japan of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

RF lZlProbe  ( Cascade Microtech, Inc. )

lZlProbe is a registered trademark of Cascade Microtech.

AET, Inc. is a business partner of Cascade Microtech, Inc.

Active Differential Probe and Probe Amplifier (Keysight Technologies, Inc.)

Installation of Active Differential Probe in the Micropositioner
Installation of Active Differential Probe in the Micropositioner

High precision measurement at high frequencies has been limited because general oscilloscope probes are usually handheld. By assembling the 13GHz Active Differential Probe (Keysight) to the Micropositioner, a handsfree active differential probe measurement system was created. Circuit boards equipped with DSPs and CPUs can be easily measured with high stability.

1169A InfiniiMax II Series Probe Amplifier
BandwidthRangeInput Impedance
  • 12GHz Wideband
  • 13 GHz (typical value) Wide Band
  • Dynamic range: 3.3V p-p
  • DC offset range: ±16V
  • Maximum voltage: ±30V
  • Differential input resistance :50kΩ
  • Differential input capacitance: 0.21pF
  • Single-ended input resistance: 25kΩ
  • Single-ended input capacitance: 0.35pF
Keysight Technologies
AET, Inc. is a Solution Partner in Japan of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Vibration Isolation Table/Desk

The Vibration Isolation Table/Desk are designed to reduce vibration of the Probe Station to a minimum. They can improve the measurement accuracy and the reproducibility of the Probe Station.
Please see the product catalog for further details.