Dielectric Resonator Type Microwave Dielectrometer

Dielectric Resonator Type Microwave Dielectrometer measures permittivity (Dk) and dielectric tangent (Df) of low loss materials in microwave frequencies. By using the measurement software, complex permittivity of low loss dielectric materials can be simply and accurately measured. The method is established by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61338-1-3 and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) R1627.

A dielectric resonator is configured by inserting a sample between conducting plates.
A dielectric resonator is configured by inserting
the sample between two conductor plates.
  • Fast and accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Stable
System components

There is only one type of components: network analyzer type. This type should be used with a network analyzer of your own.

Network analyzer type consists of:
a dielectric resonator, a customized software, and accessories.
(Neither PC nor network analyzer is included)

A network analyzer is required.

 ( Provisional Figures )

Frequency rangemax. 20GHz
Measurement rangeε: 5 - 200   tanδ: 0.00001 - 0.001
Max. measurement errorε: ±1%   tanδ: ±5%
Sample Shapecylindrical, toroidal
Measurement Service

AET,Inc. offers the dielectric measurement service. For details, please refer to "Dielectric Measurement Service" page.

Sales Representatives

AET,Inc. set about the challenge of building a world wide sales network for the Microwave Dielectrometer. We are looking for local representatives who can promote and sell our system in North America, Europe, and Oceania. If you have interest, contact us via Inquiry Form for more information.

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