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RF (Microwave, Millimeter-wave) Measuring Equipment

No. Equipment Name Manufacturer Model Number Remarks
1 Digital Real-time Oscilloscope Keysight DSO81304B 40G⁄S - 13GHz , jitter measurement, clock recovery
2 Wide-band Differential Active Probe Keysight N5382A < 13GHz
3 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight N5227A 10MHz - 67GHz Port Time Domain
4 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight E8364B 10MHz - 50GHz  , < 10dBm
5 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight E8363C 10MHz - 40GHz  , < 10dBm
6 Vector Network Analyzer Advantest R3767CH 40MHz - 8GHz , < 15dBm
7 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight N5230A 300kHz - 20GHz , 4Port
8 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight N5230A 300kHz - 20GHz , 2Port
9 Vector Network Analyzer Keysight E5061B 5Hz - 3GHz
10 Millimeter wave spectrum analvzer Keysight N9030A+M1970V 3Hz ~ 80GHz
11 Millimeter wave signal generator Keysight E4991A 1MHz ~ 3GHz 、Dielectric Measurement Test Fixture
12 RF Impedance, Material Analyzer Keysight E4991A 1MHz - 3GHz
13 Microwave Power Meter Keysight N1911A < 40GHz ,  pulse measurement
14 Scalar Network Analyzer Keysight HP8757D + HP8350B 10MHz - 26.5GHz , < 7dBm
15 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope Keysight 86100A Mainframe
16 Differential TDR Module Keysight 54754A < 18GHz , differential TDR , TDT
17 Sampling Module Keysight HP86112A < 20GHz , eye diagram
18 Spectrum Analyzer Keysight E4407B 9kHz - 26.5GHz
19 Spectrum Analyzer Keysight N9020A 10Hz - 26.5GHz
20 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Keysight N9342C 100kHz - 7.0GHz
21 Analog Signal Generator Keysight E8257D 250kHz - 20GHz
22 Average Power Meter Keysight HP437B 100MHz - 18GHz
23 LCR Meter Keysight E4980A < 2MHz , dielectric test fixture
24 Microwave Power Meter Gigatronics 8541C < 18GHz , modulation sampling
25 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope Keysight HP54120B + HP54123A DC - 34GHz + 4ch TDR test set
26 Pulse Pattern Generator Anritsu MP1761B 0.05 - 12.5GHz (PRBS < 12.5Gbps)
27 Error Detector Anritsu MP1762A 0.05 - 12.5GHz (PRBS < 12.5Gbps)
28 Digital Multimeter Advantest R6871E 7-digit, high-speed sampling
29 Digital Oscilloscope Keysight DSOX3014T 4ch ~ 100MHz
30 Digital Oscilloscope (2 pcs.) Tektronix TDS220 2ch < 100MHz
31 Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS2024B 4ch < 200MHz 2GS⁄S
32 Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix DPO4104 4ch ~ 1GHz
33 Multifunction Generator NF Corporation WF1973 30MHz(sine wave)15MHz(square wave、pulse)
34 Function Generator Iwatsu SG-4111 < 11MHz
35 Function Generator Iwatsu SG-4105 0.01MHz - 15MHz
36 High speed 4 quadrant bipolar power supply NF Corporation HSA4052 DC ~ 500KHz、MAX300Vp-p
37 Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu MS710A 100kHz - 23GHz
38 Frequency Counter Advantest R5372⁄01 , 23 10mHz - 18GHz
39 LCR Meter Hioki 3511 120Hz , 1kHz
40 Universal Counter METEX MXC-2800 0 - 2.8GHz
41 Probe Station AET AGPS501-002 X, Y, Z, θ , 3D Probing
42 Double-sided PCB Probe Station AET AGPS710-001 X, Y, Z, θ , Measurements of the surface or the reverse side of PCB
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Dielectric Property Measuring Equipment

1 Microwave Dielectrometer AET ADMS01  
2 Dielectric Material Test Fixture Keysight 16453A 1MHz-3GHz, E4991A option
3 Open Coaxial Resonator Probe AET   3 types, 800MHz-18GHz

Electromagnetic Field Measuring Equipment

1 Electromagnetic Near-field Measuring Equipment NEC Platforms 4EM500 NEC Probe: < 3GHz, AET Probe: < 18GHz
2 Magnetic field meter HIOKI E.E. 3470、3470-01、3470-02 IEC62233、EN5066
Exposure level measurement Time domain
3 Electro-magnetic field meter Narda NBM-500/EF0391/HF3061 H-field 300KHz~30MHz、
E-field 100KHz~3GHz
2450MHz MaxPower2.0 W/cm2
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Digital Length Measuring Equipment

1 Micro Scope(CCD) KEYENCE VHX-200 Zoom lens( < 5000 ), digital measuring

Environmental Test Equipment

1 Bench-Top Temperature & Humidity Chamber ESPEC SH-240 -50C - 140C , 0 - 100%RH
2 Residual Gas Pressure Gauge PFEIFFER Prisma80 For vacuum equipment
3 Vacuum Chamber   Prisma80 2 Types

Computing Equipment

1 GPU-MPU Cluster Computing System Linux Cluster Node & NextIO vCore Express 2070 Mellanox Infiniband 40Gbps high-speed interconnect
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Microwave Components

1 S-band Microwave Power Supply (2.45GHz) MUGGE MG300D 300W
2 S-band Microwave Power Supply (2.45GHz) MUGGE MG500D 500W
3 S-band Microwave Power Supply (2.45GHz) MUGGE ML3000D+MH3000S 3kW
4 S-band Microwave Power Supply (solid-state) AET AMPS100-04-2450 100W
5 Isolator AET   With directional coupler (100W dummy as accessory)
6 Pulse Generator For Microwave Modulation AET APPG-04-200-1 5Hz-200kHz , Pulse width: 1μs-Preset type
7 Microwave Power Monitor For Pulse Modulation AET APPM180-001P Pulse peak, average, for CW wave monitor
8 X, Y Stage AET   Movement range: ( 260mm(W) Χ 350mm(H) )
9 Pen Type Microwave Plasma Source AET MiMi-P (Air-cooling Type) 80 - 100W
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High Voltage Probe

1 High Voltage Probe Tektronix P-6015A DC < 20keV , pulse < 40keV
2 High Voltage Probe North Star PVM5 Pulse < 100keV
3 R Divider EOR   High voltage divider

ESD Test Equipment

1 Manual Type Electrostatic Discharge Simulator NoiseKen ESS-2002  
2 Discharge Gun (IEC 61000-4-2 compliant) NoiseKen TC-815R  


1 Desktop Type Mini Lathe MECANIX FL350E  
2 Bench Lathe COSMO KIKAI L-6800  
3 Desktop-Type Mini Milling Machine PHOENIX FM-99  
4 Milling Machine COSMO KIKAI FK-800  
5 Drilling Machine Kitagawa KDT-360  
6 Cutting Machine Makita LC0700  
7 14" Cutting Machine Makita 2414NB  
8 Air Compressor ANEST IWATA CFD07B-8.5  
9 PCB-Processing System MITS Electronics FP-21THP  

Conference System

1 Web Conference System CISCO WebEx  
2 IP Audio Conference System YAMAHA PJP-50R  
3 Conference Microphone Speaker YAMAHA PJP-100UH  

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