EMSYS Klystron(module KLY+RF)

Screen shot from beam simulation. During the beam simulation, user can watch the progress of each beam simulation cycles, thus easy to find mistake in input parameter, such as wrong cavity frequency, location, beam size, etc.

・It is capable of simulating precise electrical performance of 0-type electron beam devices, such as, klystron amplifier, multi-cavity TWT.

・Easy to learn:
Modeling of beam, cavity and magnetic fields are quite simple, while it provides highly precise solutions in suitable format for practical tube designs.

It relies on proven technology of PIC for beam cavity interaction, in self-consistent and fully relativistic manner.

・Very short execution time:
This efficient simulation is made possible by 2+1/2D cylindrical symmetric modeling, which is much faster than 3D modeling, which it is practically enough to provide precise beam simulation. Every particle is parameterized in (r, Vr, z, Vz, Vtheata).

・External magnetic field:
User-friendly input for external magnetic focusing field. Series Bz-fields at a number of locations along beam axis, EMSYS KLY will generate 2D map of field inside drift-tube.

・RF cavities are efficiently treated by resonant circuit model in self-consistent manner. User specify, the mode type, i.e., the dominant mode or higher order 2nd mode.

・EMSYS KLY is able to handle the multi-cell coupled-cavity output structure. Input parameter is simple, easy to learn within a limited time.

Working Environment
・Microsoft Windows System (Windows200 or later), or Windows emulation on Mac (OS-X V10 or later)
・1GB RAM or lager.
・1GB hard disk free space.
・32 bit or 64 bit. Executive code is written as 32 bit, thus 64 bit machine will execute in 32 bit mode.

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