President's Message

Ever since its establishment in 1988, AET has undertaken the role of pioneer in importing hardware and software products from top class vendors, aiming to introduce the most advanced technology and specializing in electromagnetic technology.

With highly skilled and motivated engineers, who joined our company thanks to its culture of encouraging individual initiative, we now deploy various services; not only as a distributor but also as a total solution provider.

Through R&D projects, we have produced some outstanding results, such as the Micro miniature X-Ray Sources, the Microwave Dielectrometer and the Compact Microwave Plasma System.

To fulfill the diversified needs of domestic and foreign companies, universities and research institutes, we have been extending our professional services as well as enhancing knowledge services in the shape of periodically organized seminars and trainings.

With highly technical knowledge, a broad network and ingenious ideas, AET constantly strives to propose the best solution for each customer, aiming to contribute to the progress of human society.

President & CEO
Eiji Tanabe, Ph. D.