President's Message

Our company was established in 1988 as a tech startup spinning out from Stanford University with electromagnetic waves as its core technology. Since then, we have expanded our business by providing high value-added hardware products such as dielectric constant measurement devices, ultra-compact X-ray tubes, compact plasma devices, and electromagnetic phantoms for the human body, with a focus on CAE analysis software products for advanced manufacturing. We have also responded to our customers' needs through research and development, including industry-government-academia collaboration projects.
At the same time, we have been blessed with excellent technical capabilities and highly motivated human resources under a free corporate culture, providing total solutions with the motto of “Customer First”. We have also enhanced our professional services through technical services, seminars, and education to meet the diverse needs of domestic and overseas companies, universities, and research institutions. We will continue to make further efforts to contribute to the development of society together with our customers by proposing valuable solutions with our advanced expertise, technical capabilities, broad network, and creative ideas.

Eiji Tanabe, Ph.D.