Wireless Three-Axis RF Magnetic Sensor

Wireless magnetic field sensor



  • Small size, light weight, wide dynamic range, high accuracy
  • High sensitivity, can measure signals as low as 0.1nT
  • Multiple sensors can be used for simultaneous measurement
  • 3 axes (X, Y, Z) of each sensor can be measured simultaneously
  • Spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, test cables unnecessary


  • 125kHz, 134.2kHz Smart key system


 SpecificationsConditions · remarks
Measurement frequency 125kHz、 134.2kHz ※1
Dynamic Range 86dB0.1nT - 2000nT Magnetic flux density (T)
Unit nT、 μT、 mT、 dBμV/m Measurement Software (Electric field intensity is converted to far field)
Accuracy Within ±5%(1nT - 1000nT) Accuracy for 0.1 - 1nT range within ±10% (same for < 1000nT)
Certified calibration A2LA certificate and traceability (Option)
Measurement signal Non-directional: Supports CW, burst signalSupports arbitrary burst signal
Frequency/Communication system 2.4GHz bandIEEE802.15.4、ARIB STD-T66 ※3
Software Excel VBAWindows OS
Battery Built-in secondary battery (Lithium-ion battery, charging with micro USB cable)
Temperature range -10℃  -  50℃ (Accuracy coverage 25℃ ± 10℃)※4
Outline dimensionsW 55mm × D 19mm × H 24mm Weight 20 grams

※1  Standard sensors support 125kHz and 134.2kHz but can be customized for other frequencies.
※2  Caution: Measurement less than 1nT is susceptible to external noise.
※3  Wireless technology conformity certification also applicable in Europe, USA, etc. Please contact us if using outside Japan.
※4  Please contact us if sensors will be used in temperature environment other than 25℃.

High accuracy measurement over a wide range

Supports burst waves of any pattern

Measurement accuracy example of CW wave
Measurement accuracy example of Burst wave

※Please contact us for desired burst pattern

A2LA certified calibration available

Constant magnetic field generator for calibration (Helmholtz coil)

Z axis, X axis calibration
Y axis calibration