INTMAG (Electron Optics Simulations)

INTMAG calculates 2D (rectangular or axisymmetric) magnetic fields by integration from contributions of real filaments (in coils) and assumed filaments (along iron boundaries). The currents in the assumed filaments are adjusted successively in iteration cycles to guarantee the local boundary conditions for the flux lines. Though it can be used as a stand-alone program, INTMAG is essentially useful as a preprocessor to EGN2 and IGUN, because its solution is true Maxwellian - enabling radial extrapolation from axial values - and also it has the convenient interface to EGN2e(C) and IGUN. INTMAG uses the POLYGON syntax to define iron boundaries and NAMELIST inputs to define variables and the desired output, which makes it user friendly. Graphical outputs are provided for the convergence of surface currents, surface currents along the boundary, profiles of Bz and Br, flux lines and Btot versus position along the iron boundary. A new version is in preparation to calculate problems with non-linear iron by introducing assumed filaments in iron.


AET, Inc. is Electron Optics Simulations distributor in Japan. If you are from outside Japan, please contact an agent in your country.

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