Dispenser Cathodes

Dispenser Cathodes

Dispenser cathodes manufactured by HeatWave Labs, Inc. are porous tungsten impregnated with a barium oxide, offering a long life time. High current density is achieved by heating within 950 to 1200℃. Dispenser cathodes can be used in a wide variety of applications such as electron tubes, microwave tubes, accelerators, plasma devices, CRTs, etc.

  • Barium impregnated tungsten.
  • 950 - 1200℃ operation
  • More than 10,000 hours of life time could be achieved.
  • 3 - 5 A⁄cm2 CW emission.
  • Emission enhancing coatings and impregnants available.

Hollow Cathode Plasma Sources

High current, hollow cathode plasma sources manufactured by HeatWave Labs, Inc. can deliver precisely controlled electron currents into plasma environments including corrosive atmospheres. Far superior to other devices, it offers easy starting (no High Voltage), very stable output, continuously variable emission current, low gas flow requirements, lower operating temperature and longer life. The output is free of any metal contaminants, a common problem with high temperature refractory sources.


  • Ion beam neutralization
  • Surface charge control
  • Electron filament replacement
  • Electron enhancement of magnetron and diode discharges
  • Arc discharge generators