RF Measurement Service

AET, Inc. offers you the measurement services for RF/microwave devices and circuits, taking advantage of our experience and expertise in electromagnetic fields.

  • Mixed-mode differential s-parameter characterization using 4-port vector network analyzer
  • S-parameter measurement using vector network analyzer ( < 50GHz)
  • Creation and measurement of TEG using coplanar probe
  • Measurement using spectrum analyzer (23GHz)
  • Calculation of inductance and capacitance using s-parameter
  • Creation of calibration modules and test fixtures based on LM/LRM methods

Impedance Measurement Example

The Probe Station System equipped with the Air Coplanar Probe provides the impedance measurement of a microstrip line.


  • Microstrip line, length: 30 mm
  • FR-4 substrate, thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Measurement frequency: 300 MHz

Tools used in this measurement:

  • Measurement equipment: Probe Station AGPS501 (AET)
  • Calibration: Calibration Kit
  • Measurement probe: Air Coplanar GSG (Cascade Microtech)
  • Impedance analyzer: E4991A (Keysight Technologies)
  • Probe Station (AET)
  • Probe (Cascade Microtech)

Inductance Calculation Example

( Example 1 )
Measurement example: Zo=R+jX(Ω)
At 300 MHz, Zo = 0.223+j18.2899(Ω) Z(im)=jωL
Inductance L=18.2899÷(2π×300e+6) =9.71nH
( Example 2 )
Measurement example: Zo = G + jX(Ω)
At 300 MHz, Zo ≒ 0.00021-j150(Ω), Z(im)=1⁄jωC
Capacitance C = 1 ÷ (150 × 2π × 300e+6) = 3.53 pF


  • Spiral inductor impedance measurement
  • PCB internal capacitor thin film dielectric
  • RFID Antenna
  • IC package, memory stray capacitance measurement
  • Disc, magnetic head

System Construction

In addition to sample measurements, we offer the service of designing an impedance measurement system.

System Configuration

  • Probe Station AGPS501 (AET, Inc.)
  • Impedance Analyzer (Keysight Technologies, Inc.)
  • Measurement Probes (Cascade MicroTech, Inc.)
  • Calibration Kit (AET, Inc., or Cascade MicroTech, Inc.)
AET, Inc. is a Solution Partner in Japan of Keysight Technologies, Inc.We offer impedance analyzers and other measuring equipment at modest prices.