Dielectric Measurement Service

Now that high-speed and broadband is becoming ever more widespread, intense demand rises for high-efficiency materials. To meet the demand, it's pivotal to analyze characteristics of materials, especially to perform dielectric measurements. AET, Inc. with our experience and expertise in the fields of microwave and millimeter-wave, provides you with services for dielectric measurements.

The dielectric measurement service offered by AET, Inc. uses a high Q cavity and 3D electromagnetic field simulation technique into the process of measuring the dielectric properties. This allows us to accurately compute the complex value of relative dielectric properties of a sample.
For each sample material, the most suitable measurement method will be selected according to its size and shape. Almost all forms of samples are measurale, e.g. solid, sheet, film, multi-lavered circuit board, particle and liquid.


  • Substrate materials for high-speed digital and microwave circuits
  • Low loss dielectrics used for filters and dielectric antenna
  • Thin film materials
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Medical Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Foods(moisture content)
  • Body tissues
  • Gases
  • Liquids

Measuring Methods

Measuring MethodMaterial shapeMaterialFrequencyFeature
Open Coaxial ResonatorFreeSolid800MHz - 18GHz Non-destructive measurement of the permittivity of arbitrarily shaped samples.
Resonant CavityStrip, Cylinder, Prism, Thin FilmSolid, Liquid, Particle 1GHz - 50GHzAccurate and destructive measurement in the microwave and millimeter wave range.
Stripline ResonatorPlate, Thin FilmSolid1GHz - 18GHz Suitable for printed circuit boards.
Compliant with IPC standard.
Coaxial ReflectionFreeLiquid, etc.200MHz - 40GHzBroad band measurement
CapacitancePlateSolid10MHz - 1GHzBroad band measurement
Dielectric ResonatorCylindrical, ToroidalLow loss dielectric materials 20GHz maxMeasurement of low loss dielectric materials with a tan δ of 0.001 or less.

Microwave Dielectric Measurement System(Microwave Dielectrometer)

AET provides self-developed microwave dielectric measurement system (Microwave Dielectrometer).
It enables fast and non-destructive measurement of permittivity of thin-films and various dielectric materials. Two types are available for measurement tools: open coaxial probe type and resonant cavity type.

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