Advanced Electronic Packaging:With Emphasis on Multichip Modules

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出 版:IEEE Press   /   1999年


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Introduction and Overview of Microelectronics Packaging (W. Brown).
Microelectronics Packaging Materials and Applications (W. Brown).
Electrical Design Considerations (S. Ang).
Modeling and Simulation (L. Schaper).
Thermal Design and Management of Electronics (R. Couvillion).
Mechanical Design Considerations (W. Schmidt).
Packaging Trade-Offs and Decisions (L. Schaper).
Computer-Aided Engineering and Design (D. Andrews, et al.).
Processing Technologies in Microelectronic Packaging (H. Naseem).
Materials and Processing Considerations (S. Ang & W. Brown).
Reliability Considerations (R. Ulrich).
Testing and Qualification (S. Kolluru & D. Berleant).
Mainframe Packaging: The Thermal Conduction Module (TCM) (T. Lenihan).
An Industry Perspective on MCM-D (J. Demmin).
Automotive Multichip Modules (R. Johnson & J. Evans).
Analyticaln Techniques for Materials Characterization (S. Nasrazadani, et al.).
Cost Considerations (E. Malstrom).
Advances Topics and Future Trends in MCM Technology (J. Brewer, et al.).
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