Microwave Dielectrometer

Microwave Dielectric Measurement System (Microwave Dielectrometer) developed by AET, Inc. enables fast and non-destructive measurement of permittivity of thin-films and various dielectric materials. The measurement accuracy is ensured by AET's experiences with designing resonators of high Q-factor as well as the 3D numerical electromagnetic calculation.

  • Accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • No necessity of network analyzer

Currently three measurement methods are provided, and each one has its own feature.

Open Coaxial Resonator Type Microwave Dielectrometer

(PATENT No.3691812)

Non-destructive measurement is possible with open coaxial resonator.
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Coaxial probe and sample setting

Resonant Cavity Type Microwave Dielectrometer

(JIS C2565 compliant)

Optimum method for thin films and PCBs.
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Dielectric Resonator Type Microwave Dielectrometer

(JIS R1627 compliant, IEC 61338-1-3 compliant)

Dedicated method for low loss ceramics.
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3. Open Coaxial Probe (2:41)
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Measurement Service

AET,Inc. offers the dielectric measurement service. For details, please refer to "Dielectric Measurement Service" page.

Sales Representatives

AET,Inc. set about the challenge of building a world wide sales network for the Microwave Dielectrometer. We are looking for local representatives who can promote and sell our system in North America, Europe, and Oceania. If you have interest, contact us via Inquiry Form for more information.

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