Microwave Dielectrometer

Measurement innovation with smart design

The dielectric properties are the essential parameters for the design of wireless and high-speed digital devices.
In order to meet the growing demand for fast and accurate measurements, AET offers a highly precise dielectric measurement system for various samples easily, accurately with reasonable cost.


  • Accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • No necessity of network analyzer

Currently three measurement methods are provided, and each one has its own feature.

System ConfigurationNetwork Analyzers

The dielectric measurement system consists of, 1. Resonator 2. Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), and 3. Windows PC.

1. Resonator
2. Vector Network Analyzer
3. Windows PC
*PC not included

Dielectric Measurement Service

We offer the reliable measurement services by utilizing most suitable measurement method according to your specification (material kind, size and shape, frequency)

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