Beamline simulator (AccelSoft Inc.)

Beamline Simulator, developed by D-Pace, Inc. (formerly Dehnel Consulting Ltd.) of Canada, is a first order modeling code that features an easy to use interface for building beamline systems. Users may drag and drop icons representing common beamline elements such as drift spaces, dipole magnets, quadrupole magnets, solenoid magnets, etc. Beam envelope and multi-particle simulations are both available. Beam pipe apertures, collimators and other device apertures can be defined and modeled. Beam mis-centering can be modeled and studied. The Vary Parameter Window allows users to simulate real-time tuning comparable to that experienced in a control room. For example, the user may tune a magnet current or field strength and simultaneously observe beam spill data and beam plots. Beamline Simulator is ideally suited for quickly determining new beamline tunes and for allowing operator trainees to get the feel of beamline tuning. Single parameter fitting to achieve user defined constraints also makes Beamline Simulator a useful design tool.

Beamline Simulator

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