LIDOS (AccelSoft Inc.)

The Linac Ion Dynamics and Optimization System (LIDOS) provides a complete set of software for the design of radiofrequency linear accelerators and beam transport lines. The LIDOS Advisor (version 3.0) includes executable modules for the design of low energy beam transport (LEBT) lines, radiofrequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerators, drift tube linacs (DTL)) and high beta linacs (HBL) such as disk and washer structures. The LIDOS Advisor features a highly interactive graphical user interface based on the GIA command language. The user manual provides a full description of the underlying mathematical models as well as a detailed description on how to use the LIDOS modules and the GIA language.

The LIDOS Advisor is also a component of the new LIDOS RFQ Designer, which is geared especially for the design and analysis of radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerators.

Beamline Simulator

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