An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering, Second Edition

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著 者:Nadim Maluf and Kirt Williams
出 版:Artech   /   2004年

本書はベストセラーである「An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering」の第2版でMEMS技術の最新情報を提供しています。MEMS材料・設計・製造の実践的な知識が得られ、工業・光学・医学・電子の分野でどのように応用されているかを学習することができます。第2版ではRF MEMS、光学MEMS、シリコン以外の材料でのマイクロマシン化や、信頼性の分析、また拡充されたリファレンスリストなどの新しい章が追加されています。

MEMS: A Technology from Lilliput - The Promise of Technology. What are MEMS? What is Micromachining? Applications and Markets. To MEMS or not to MEMS. Standards. The Psychological Barrier. Journals, Conferences, and Web Sites.

The Sandbox: Materials for MEMS - Silicon Materials. Other Materials and Substrates. Important Material Properties and Physical Effects.

The Toolbox: Processes for Micromachining - Basic Process Tools. Advanced Process Tools. Combining the Tools.

MEM Structure and Systems in Industrial and Automotive Applications - General Design Methodology. Techniques for Sensing and Actuation. Passive MEM Structures. Sensors. Actuators.

MEM Structures and Systems for Photonic Applications - Imaging and Displays. Fiber-Optic Communication Devices.

MEM Structures and Systems for Medical Applications.

MEM Structures and Systems for Electronic and RF Applications.

Packaging & Reliability for MEMS - Key Design and Packaging Considerations. Die-Attach Processes. Wiring and Interconnects. Types of Packaging Solutions. Reliability and Failure Analysis.