Microwave Dielectrometer

Measurement innovation with smart design

The dielectric properties are the essential parameters for the design of wireless and high-speed digital devices.
In order to meet the growing demand for fast and accurate measurements, AET offers a highly precise dielectric measurement system for various samples easily, accurately with reasonable cost.
TM mode Cavity Resonator
Frequency range:1GHz~10GHz
Measurement range:εr (Dk) 1~30  tanδ(Df) 0.1~0.0001
TE mode Cavity Resonator
Frequency range:10GHz~40GHz
Measurement range:εr (Dk) 1~5  tanδ(Df)0.01~0.0001
Open Coaxial Resonator
Frequency range:0.8GHz~18GHz
Measurement range:εr (Dk) 1~15  tanδ(Df)0.01~0.001