Special Specifications

Dielectric Resonator for Ceramics

This system is designed for low loss dielectrics with high dielectric constant.
Dielectric cylinder sample is short-circuited at both ends by parallel conducting plates.
The dielectric cylinder resonates in TE011 mode by microwave feeding with loop antenna.


Measurement frequency Lower than 20GHz (Frequency depends on size and dielectric properties of sample)
Measurement range εr(Dk):5 - 200 tanδ(Df):0.001 - 0.00001
Measurement accuracy εr(Dk):±1% tanδ(Df):±5%
Sample shape Cylinder
Compliant standard JIS R1627, IEC 61338-1-3

Cavity Resonator for Powder

Powder samples can be measured by loading into the quartz tube.
The system calculates the dielectric constant of the powder itself by the volume filling rate from the true density of the sample.
This system also supports accurate measurement of non-polar solvents with low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss.

Dedicated vibrator enables dense filling of powder samples.

Cavity Resonator for Powder
Dedicated vibrator


Frequency range 1GHz (Ask for other frequencies)
Sample form Powder, Liquid
Measurement range(Volume averaged) εr(Dk):1 - 6 tanδ(Df):0.01 - 0.0001
Measurement accuracy εr(Dk):±1% tanδ(Df):±5%
Required amount more than 3 cc (for 1GHz)

Cavity Resonator for Cables

The dedicated resonator enables the high-resolution measurement for the low-loss insulation materials in the form of cable (ex. Foamed PTFE).
The special design makes it easy to set up soft cable insulators

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