TE mode Cavity Resonator


This measurement method specializes in measuring films.
This resonator is also known as “split cylinder” resonator, a sheet sample is inserted into the gap between the resonators.
This method supports frequencies up to 40GHz, therefore it fulfills the demands for 5G (5th generation mobile communication system).

Our TE mode resonator has a fixed gap for inserting the measurement samples, which enables better measurement stability against other products. It can measure the various materials such as soft and brittle samples.


Suitable for measuring the following samples.
  • Materials for 5G
  • Flexible substrate
  • etc.


Frequency range 10GHz - 40GHz
Frequency point 1 frequency point per resonator
Measurement range εr(Dk):1 - 5 tanδ(Df):0.01 - 0.0001
Measurement accuracy εr(Dk):±1% tanδ(Df):±5%
Sample shape Sheet (Thickness is less than 0.3mm)
Compliant standard JIS R1641, IPC-TM650

Feature: TE mode Cavity Resonator

TE mode cavity resonator uses the TE resonant mode (TE011), where the electric field vector is circulating around the rotation center axis of the cylindrical cavity.
This mode is maintained even when the cavity is separated up and down, therefore it enables measurement by inserting a sheet-shaped sample.

Shape and size of sample

This method has high resolution for loss and is suitable for low loss film measurement.
The measurement direction of the dielectric constant is in-plane.

Size in plane10GHz≥50mm
28GHz resonator with film sample inserted