Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

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著 者:John Rogers, Calvin Plett
出 版:Artech   /   2003年

RFIC を使う通信デバイスの設計において、どんなタイプのデバイスを設計する場合でも、本書は RFIC 全般について実践的な説明がされているので、分かりやすいリファレンスブックとして頼りになります。主に回路をデモンストレーションするためにバイポーラ技術に焦点を当て、また CMOS についても触れられています。実際の設計が強調して書かれているので、読者は、著者の RFIC ラボにいるかのごとく、各設計の機能を詳細に理解することができます。 RFIC 設計では LC ベースの RF 統合フィルタ・ VCO ・自動振幅コントロールループ・回路ベースの統合トランスフォーマ、またイメージ除去ミキサやパワーアンプなどについて考察しています。 400 以上の数式と 500 以上の図解が満載され、カギとなるトピックを補足説明しています。

Introduction To Communications Circuits - Introduction. Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits Used in a Communications Transceiver. Issues in Transceiver Design. Analog And Microwave Design Versus Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Design.

Issues in RFIC Design, Noise, Linearity And Filtering - Performance Estimates. Determination of Noise Floor. Linearity And Distortion in RF Circuits. Filtering Issues. Typical Receiver With Single IF Stage. Dynamic Range.

A Brief Review Of RF Technology - Introduction. Transistor Description. Small Signal Model of The Transistor. Small-Signal Parameters. CMOS Transistors.

Impedance Matching - Introduction. Review of the Smith Chart. Impedance Matching. Series to Parallel Conversions. Tapped Inductors and Capacitors. Matching Using Transformers. Tuning a Transformer. The Bandwidth of an Impedance Transformation Network. Quality Factor of an LC Network. Transmission Lines. S,Y,Z Parameters.

The Use and Design of Passive Circuit Elements in IC Technologies - Introduction. The Technology Back End and Metalization in IC Technologies. Sheet Resistance and the Skin Effect. Parasitic Capacitance. Parasitic Inductance. Current Handling in Metal Lines. Poly Resistors and Diffusion Resistors. Metal Insulator Metal Capacitors (MIM Caps) and Poly Capacitors. On-Chip Spiral Inductors. Some Basic Lumped Models for Inductors. Calculating the Inductance of Spirals. Self Resonance of Inductors. The Quality Factor (Q) of An Inductor. Characterization of an Inductor. Some Notes About the Proper Use of Inductors. Layout of Spiral Inductors. Isolating the Inductor. The Use of Slotted Ground Shields and Inductors. Basic Transformer Layouts in IC Technologies. The Concept of Mutual Inductance. Multilevel Inductors. On-Chip Transmission Lines. Characterizing Transformers for Use In Ics. High Frequency Measurement of On-Chip Passives and Some Common De-Embedding Techniques. Packaging. Conclusions.

Low Noise Amplifier Design - Introduction and Basic Amplifiers. Amplifiers with Feedback. Noise in Amplifiers. Input Matching of LNAs for Low Noise. Linearity in Amplifiers. Differential Pair and Other Differential Amplifiers. DC Biasing Networks. Low Voltage LNAs. Spice for Noise Analysis, Gain and Intermodulation. Conclusions.

Mixers - Basic Mixer Operation. Common Types of Mixers. Mixer Gain. A Practical Implementation of A Mixer. Mixer Noise Figure. Large Signal Behavior of The Differential Pair. Image Reject Mixers. Buffering Circuits.

Voltage Controlled Oscillators - Introduction. Specification of Oscillator Properties. The LC Resonator. Adding Negative Resistance to the Resonator. Configuration of the Amplifier (Colpitts or -Gm). Capacitor Ratios with Colpitts Oscillators. Analysis of an Oscillator as a Feedback System. Negative Resistance Generated by the Amplifier. Comments on Oscillator Analysis. Basic Differential Oscillator Topologies. A Modified Common-Collector Colpitts with Buffering. Several Refinements to the -Gm Topology. The Effect of Parasitics on the Frequency of Oscillation. Large Signal Non-Linearity in the Transistor. Bias Shifting During Start Up. Oscillator Amplitude. Sizing of the Transistors. Phase Noise. Making the Oscillator Tunable. VCO Automatic-Amplitude Control Circuits. Other Oscillators.

High Frequency Filter Circuits - On-Chip Filter Topologies. Analysis of an LNA with Filtering Action. Interpretation of Filter Stability. Automatic Q Tuning for High Q LC Filters. Frequency Tuning for LC Filters.

Power Amplifier Design - General Issues with PAS (Efficiency, PAE, HD, Linearity). Load Pull. Class A Power Amplifier Design. Class AB to C Power Amplifier Design. Higher Class Power Amplifiers. Linearization in Power Amplifiers. Distributed Amplifiers.


Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design