Switched Parasitic Antennas for Cellular Communications

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著 者:David Thiel/Stephanie Smith
出 版:Artech   /   2002年



Smart Antennas - Introduction. Tracking Radio Sources. Antenna Control Systems.

Wire Antenna Theory - Radiation from a Wire Element. Fourier Transform Techniques. Mutual Coupling Between Wire Elements. Monopole Antennas on a Finite Ground Plane. Bandwidth of Wire Antennas. Simple Parasitic Wire Antennas. Wire Element Phased Arrays. Dual Band Wire Antennas. Dual Band Switched Parasitic Wire Antennas.

Patch Antenna Theory - Radiation from a Patch Antenna. Mutual Coupling Between Patch Elements. Simple Parasitic Patch Antennas. Switched Parasitic Patch Antennas. Patch Element Phased Arrays. Dual Polarization Patch Antennas.

Design Examples of Switched Parasitic Antennas - Historical Survey. Circular Wire Antenna Array. Multiple Beam Wire Array. Switched Parasitic and Switched Active Wire Arrays. Dielectric Coated and Dielectric Resonator Antennas. Tin-Can Antenna. Parabolic Antenna Beam Steering.

Antenna Optimization - Sequential Uniform Sampling. Monte Carlo Method. The Simplex Method. The Gradient Method. Genetic Algorithms. Stimulated Annealing. Discussion and Conclusions.

Performance Limitations - Introduction. Switching Circuits for Switched Parasitic Antennas. New Technologies and New Applications