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Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems

¥ 12,600
著 者:Hiroyuki Arai
出 版:Artech   /   2001年



Propagation Measurements ・Overview of Propagation Measurements. Field Profile Measurements. Diversity Measurements. Delay Profile Measurements. Propagation Measurement System. Delay Profile Measurement System.

Antenna Measurements for Radio Handsets and Mobile Terminals ・Antenna Input Port Impedance Measurements. Radiation Pattern Measurement. Radiation Efficiency Measurements. Diversity Characteristics Measurement Using Radiation Patterns. EMC Measurements. Product Testing.

Handset Antennas and Influences Due to the Human Body ・Human Body Influences on the Handset Antenna. The Phantom: An Electrical Equivalent Model of the Human Body. Antenna Measurements Using a Phantom. SAR Measurement Using a Phantom. Measurements Using a Human Body.

Base Station Antenna Siting, Measurement and Maintenance ・Base Station Antenna Siting. Design of Cellular Base Station Antennas. Base Station Antenna Measurements. Product Inspection.

Fading and Field Simulators ・Fading Simulators. Field Simulators. Sensitivity Measurements Using a Field Simulator. Delay Spread Measurement Using a Field Simulator.

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