Multiantenna Digital Radio Transmission

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著 者:Massimiliano Martone
出 版:Artech   /   2002年


Broadband Wireless Access Introduction. The Cost Factor. RF Scattering Helps? Software Radios: Background. SDR Architecture Overview.

Theoretical Limits of the Spatio-Temporal Wireless Channel Introduction. Wireless Propagation Modes. The Spatio-Temporal Modes. Performance Analysis of a Practical System.

Digital Radio Design Principles Introduction. Important RF Parameters. A Case-Study: the Base-Station System.

Space-Time Modems Based on Traditional Principles Introduction. Traditional Space-Time Methods. Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation. Space-Time QR-Based MMSE Equalization. Cross-Validated Signal Processing in MSLE. Conclusions.

Spatio-Temporal Processing Using High-Order Statistics?Introduction. The Super-Exponential Method. A Non-Bind Algorithm. Conclusions.

An Experimental Digital Radio for MIMO Introduction. Hardware Architecture. Algorithmic Approaches for a Fixed Wireless Application. Field Trial Results. Conclusions.

Advanced Solutions for High Mobility Introduction. Multiresolution Maximum Likelihood Detection. The Generalized Likelihood Statistic. Multiresolution Decompositions for a Multipath Channel. Focusing the Generalized Energy Detector. Real-Time Implementation. Performance Analysis Results. Time-Varying Multicarrier Modems. The Fractional Fourier Transform. System Model. Discrete-Time Implementation. Performance Assessment. Conclusions.

Spatio-Temporal Radios for CDMA Introduction. Discrete Wavelet Transformations. CDMA System Model. Wavelet-Based Channel Basis Expansion. Validation of the DWT Channel. Setectors. Performance Analysis. Conclusions.

Appendix A: The Mechanics of MIMO Capacity Computations System Model. Water-Filling the Eigenvalues of the Channel. Practical Assumptions.

Appendix B: Essential Higher-Order Statistics Cumulants of Stationary Processes. On the Convergence of the Algorithm. Proof of Theorem 2. On the choice of D 1 (m), B 1 (m), D 2 (m), B 2 (m), On the Rank of the Matrix C y,y, Cumulants Estimation.

Appendix C: Essential Wavelet Theory Continuous Time Wavelet Transformations. Discrete Time Wavelet Transformations. Filter Banks. Multidimensional Filter Banks.

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Multiantenna Digital Radio Transmission