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GPRS for Mobile Internet

¥ 11,900
著 者:Emmanuel Seurre/Patrick Savelli/ Pierre-Jean Pietri
出 版:Artech   /   2002年


A Quick Introduction to the GSM System - Introduction. General Concepts. Services Provided by GSM. Architecture of the Network. Description of the Radio Interface. References.

Presentation of GPRS Services - General Interest of GPRS. GPRS MS Classes. Client-Server Relation. Quality of Service. 3GPP Structure. References.

GPRS General Overview - GPRS Logical Architecture. Transmission and Signaling Planes. The Radio Interface. BSS Architecture. General Description of Mobility. PDP Context. General Principles of the Gb Interface. General Architecture of the GPRS Backbone Network. References.

Radio Interface: Physical layer - Physical Layer. RF Physical Layer. Case Studies. References.

Radio Interface: RLC/MAC Layer - RLC/MAC Block Structure. Broadcast Information Management. Cell Reselection. Listening to Paging Blocks by the MS. Radio Resource Allocation.

Gb Interface - General Overview. Frame Relay Basis. Addressing over Gb. NS Layer. BSSGP Layer. Case Studies. References.

Signaling Plane - GPRS Mobility Management. PDP Context Management. GPRS Tunneling Protocol Layer for the Control Plane. References. Radio Link Control (RLC) Principles. TBF Release. Case Studies. References.

User Plane - Packet Transmission Between MS and SGSN. GPRS Tunneling Protocol Layer for the User Plane. Scenario of IP Packet Sending Within GPRS PLMN. Inter-working with External Network. References.


GPRS for Mobile Internet