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Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications

¥ 11,000
著 者:Shinsuke Hara and Ramjee Prasad
出 版:Artech   /   2003年

本書では、特に分析的な観点から第四世代の移動体通信用のマルチキャリア技術に関して総括的に紹介しています。 OFDM 方式の長所と短所に関するディスカッションに沿って、無線チャンネルの特性と現象について説明されています。本書では、どのようにして OFDM が ADSL ・ワイヤレス LAN ・ DVB-T といった通信システムや放送システムとして採用されたかについて書かれており、また OFDM を第四世代の通信システムにおける将来有望な変調方式として捉えています。本書から新しいマルチキャリアに関する技術、 MC-CDMA 、第四世代システムの研究について詳細な説明が得られ、またこれらのシステムに関して克服すべきいくつかの問題点についても見ることができます。

Dedication. Preface. Acknowledgement. Authors・Biographies.

Introduction ? Mobile Communications Systems: Past, Present and Future. Towards 4G Systems. Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Systems. Preview of the Book.

Characteristics of Multipath Fading Channels - Introduction. Rayleigh and Ricean Fading Channels. Multipath Delay Profile. Frequency Selective and Frequency Nonselective Fading Channels. Spaced-Time Correlation Function. Time Selective and Time Nonselective Fading Channels. Examples of Multipath Fading Channels.

Principle and History of MCM/OFDM - Introduction. Origin of OFDM. Use of Discrete Fourier Transform. Insertion of Cyclic Prefix for Current Form of OFDM. Conclusions.

OFDM Characteristics - Introduction. Radio Channel Model. Bit Error Rate in AWGN Channel. Bit Error Rate of CPSK-Based OFDM System in Rayleigh Fading Channels. Bit Error Rate of DPSK-Based OFDM System in Rayleigh Fading Channels. Robustness against Frequency Selective Fading. Robustness against Man-Made Noises. 4.8 Sensitivity to Frequency Offset. Sensitivity to Nonlinear Amplification. Sensitivity to A/D and D/A Resolutions. Conclusions.

Pilot-Assisted DFT Window Timing/Frequency Offset Synchronization and Subcarrier Recovery - Introduction. Pilot-Assisted DFT Window Timing/Frequency Offset Estimation Method. Pilot-Assisted DFT Window Timing Synchronization and Subcarrier Recovery Method. Chaotic Pilot Symbol Generation Method. Conclusions.

Blind Maximum Likelihood-Based Joint DFT Window Timing/Frequency Offset/DFT Window Width Estimation - Introduction. System Model. Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation for Cyclostationary Signal. Numerical Results and Discussions. Conclusions.

Coded OFDM Scheme to Gain Frequency Diversity Effect - Introduction. Convolutional Encoding/Viterbi Decoding. Symbol Interleaved Coded OFDM Scheme. Bit Interleaved Coded OFDM Scheme. Numerical Results and Discussions. Conclusions.

Applications of OFDM - Introduction. Digital Broadcasting. 5GHz-Band Wireless LANs. Others. Conclusions.

Combination of OFDM and CDMA - Introduction. Channel Model. DS-CDMA System. MC-CDMA System. Conclusions.

Future Research Directions - Introduction. Where Will 4G Systems Come From? Variants Based on MC-CDMA Scheme. OFDM Adaptive Array Antenna. MIMO-OFDM. Linear Amplification of OFDM Signal with Nonlinear Components. Conclusions.

List of Abbreviations. List of Keywords.


Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications