Review of Radio Science: 1999-2002 URSI

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著 者:W. Ross Stone
出 版:IEEE Press   /   2002年

本書は国際電波科学連合によってセレクトされた 10種類のトピックに関する 38の論文が収録されています。各論文には詳しいレビューとチュートリアル、および重要な研究が記載されています。

  • Electromagnetic metrology
  • Fields and waves
  • Signals and systems
  • Electronics and photonics
  • Electromagnetic noise and interference
  • Wave propagation and remote sensing
  • Ionospheric radio and propagation
  • Waves in plasmas
  • Radio astronomy
  • Electromagnetics in biology and medicine
  1. Experimental Characterization of Nonlinear Active Microwave Devices
  2. New Developments in Optical-Frequency Standards and Optical-Frequency
  3. Dosimetry in the Human Head for Portable Telephones
  4. Transient Response for Coupling of Electromagnetic Fields to Transmission Lines
  5. New EMC Test Facilities for Radiation Measurements
  6. Analysis of Microstrip Antennas by Means of Regularization via Neumann
  7. Nonlinear Time-Domain Electromagnetics
  8. Green's Dyadics for Bianisotropic Media
  9. Recent Developments in a Fast Frequency-Domain Integral-Equation Solver
  10. Plane-Wave Time-Domain Algorithms and Fast Time-Domain Integral-Equation
  11. The Finite Integration Techniques as a General Tool to Compute Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Elastodynamic, and Coupled Wave Fields
  12. Blind Methods for Wireless Communication Receivers
  13. 3G Evalution and Future-Generation Air Interface in Mobile Communications
  14. Cryptography and Computer Security
  15. RF MEMS and Si-Micromachining in High-Frequency Circuit Applications
  16. Microwave and Millimenter-wave Silicon and SiGe Devices
  17. Global Modeling of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
  18. Wireless Communications and Sensing Based on Surface-Acoustic-Wave Devices
  19. Reverberation Chambers for EMC Susceptibility and Emission Analyses
  20. Electromagnetic Compatibility for Integrated Circuits
  21. Geomagnetic Effects on Ground-Based Technological Systems
  22. New Techniques in Microwave Radiometry for Earth Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications
  23. Remote Sensing of Inland and Coastal Waters
  24. Subsurface Remote Sensing
  25. Wave Propagation for Multimedia Satellite Services
  26. Space-Weather Effects on Transionospheric Radio Wave Propagation
  27. Characterization and Modeling of the HF Communications Channel
  28. Ionospheric Models for Radio Propagaion Studies
  29. Oscillations in a Dusty Plasma Medium
  30. Broadband Plasma Waves in the Magnetopause and Plamsma-Sheet Boundary Layers
  31. Solar-System Radio Emissions
  32. Lightning Effects in the Ionosphere
  33. The contribution of Wave-Particle Interactions to Electron Loss and Acceleration in the Earth's Belts During Geomagnetic Storms
  34. Gravitational Lensing and Recent Contributions from Radio Studies
  35. Advances in Planetary Radar Astronomy
  36. Recent Progress and Current Activities in the Serch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  37. Possible Esposures from Future Mobile Communication Systmes
  38. Biological Effects of Microwaves: Animal Studies
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Review of Radio Science: 1999-2002 URSI